Kinetic Sand, Deluxe Beach Castle Playset with 2.5lbs of Beach Sand, includes Molds and Tools, Sensory Toys for Kids Ages 5+

Experience the magic of the beach anywhere with the Deluxe Beach Castle Playset! This playset includes 2.5lbs of Kinetic Beach Sand and everything you need to create epic sandcastles. Unfold the box to discover a sandy play space, perfect for building sandcastles both indoors and outdoors! Made with larger grains of natural sand, Kinetic Beach Sand provides a unique sensory experience. Utilize the 9 castle-themed molds on the Kinetic Sand two-tiered tray to build sandcastles, towers, walls, bridges, and more! Get ready to design your castle, your tools double as decorations for your castle. The 2 multi-use Kinetic Sand tools are perfect for cutting, digging, raking, and shoveling your moldable sand. Cleaning up is a breeze! Kinetic sand sticks to itself for easy clean-up. The Deluxe Beach Castle Playset comes with a lid for easy storage. Close it up and store to use again and again for even more fun! More engaging than arts and crafts modeling clay, this magic sand molds effortlessly and never dries out, allowing for hours of independent play. Not only is the playset a great alternative to arts and crafts modeling clay, but it's also a great addition to your craft table, kids activities time and montessori toys! Perfect cool toys for girls and boys to encourage independent and imagination building. For more Kinetic Sand fun, refill your Kinetic Sand playset with the 2.5lb Kinetic Sand bulk bags of colored sand (sold separately)! Bring the excitement of the beach home and build your own sandcastles with the Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom!

  • ONE & ONLY KINETIC SAND: The original magical moving play sand that kids love! So satisfying to touch - it magically sticks together for easy shaping & cleanup. Never dries out so kids can play again & again!
  • 2.5LBS BEACH SAND & 9 TOOLS: Build & squish with molds to craft walls, bridges, and towers & the 2 multi-use tools to cut, dig & shovel! Your tools double as decorations for your epic sandcastles!
  • SANDBOX TRAY WITH LID STORAGE: Use the Kinetic Sand kits tray as a play space to create epic sand art and storage for easy clean-up. Can be used as a sensory bin indoors or outdoors all year long
  • ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY: Encourage pretend play, fine motor skills through tactile sensory play as kids mold and shape! Made from natural sand and magically sticks together for easy clean up!

Includes: 2.5lb Kinetic Sand, 1 Castle Base Mold, 1 Tower Mold, 1 Wall Mold, 1 Turret Mold, 1 Bridge Mold, 1 Knife/Flag, 1 Rake/Decoration, 1 Scoop/Decoration, 1 Draw Bridge, 1 Reusable Tray with Lid

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